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Mirius Bay beach

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Mirius Bay Beach is located north of one of the most visited and most beautiful resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast - the small town of Primorsko (Bourgas District). Rocky and small sandy beach, it stays away from the main tourist destinations because it does not offer the usual conditions for sunbathing, especially if you have small children or are not good swimmers. See, however, given that you are fond of virgin nature and water sports Mirius is one of the few places along the Black Sea coast, which will leave you breathless.

The panorama here is very beautiful - tall, jagged cliffs surround the small plazhche covered with fine golden sand color. The water is usually calm and quiet, as the bay is sheltered and protected from the north winds, but very deep. Due to the remoteness of the main tourist destinations Mirius is impressive with an incredible variety of flora and fauna. Especially beautiful are the trees overhanging directly from the steep cliff above the sea.

Furthermore because it is wild and secluded bay Mirius divers like the fact that here the sea is deep in places to twelve meters, and its rocky bottom create all the possibilities for the study of marine flora and fauna. One of the biggest attractions is the night dive, which, of course, you should practice only after specialized training and proper equipment, because the dangers are far from negligible. Enjoyment that can supply relationship with the underwater world at night, however, is unique.

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