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Stomoplo swamp

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Stomoplo a backwater lagoon located in the southern part of the Bay Stomoplo north of the resort town of Primorsko, Bourgas region. Located at the foot of the hill of Strandja - Uzundzhata hill. Stomoplo is the Greek name of the swamp , which is derived from the Greek word for word , but today it has become the official name. Its traditional names in Bulgarian are mouths , mouths or small estuary. Stomoplo is separated from the bay of the same name by a sand bar whose width varies between 50 and 80 meters. Its maximum size reached 0.06 square kilometers, with a length of nearly 700 meters width which varies between 8 and 100 meters. An interesting fact about the swamp is that archaeological research and excavations on its territory are remains of Neolithic settlements . Thus, apart from its natural meaning, the area of the marsh attracts tourists interested in historical artifacts. Stomoplo was declared a protected area and is currently part of the Ramsar site " Ropotamo " . If you are in the area and visit other protected areas or beautiful places like Alepu , Arkoutino Ropotamo Devil River and Devil's Swamp. If you plan to bathers along the Bay of Stomoplo keep in mind that the beach is unguarded . However, it is very quiet and not so crowded with people , which makes it an attractive place for quiet relaxation and sunbathing, as well as participating in various sports such as beach volleyball.

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