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Ecopath Ovech - Shashkanite

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Ecopath " Ovech - Shashkana " is a true paradise for all lovers of cultural tourism . It combines the unique greatness of Provadiisko plateau of the fortress Ovech power and mystery of the rock monastery on the rock, known as Shashkana . Additional incentive for avid nature lovers is that Provadiia and its surroundings are not particularly known tourist destination and visit allows everyone to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life .

The route is a continuation of the trail " Ovech " and offers a pleasant , about a half-hour transition emblematic Bulgarian history fortress to Shashkunite locality , which still has the remains of a medieval rock monastery . The track is extremely simple , clearly visible and can be driven by inexperienced hikers and even groups of children. Experience is particularly exciting because all the while going almost on the edge of the plateau Provadiisko and wonderful views of the plain.

Shashkana is intriguing monument , carved in the rock over Provadian neighborhood "North" . The height of the rock formation is about 30 meters, and there are dug ten monastic cells , divided into three groups. The first is composed of three cells, the second consists of two separate dwellings , and the third is a complex of five monasteries . Cells in the latter group are connected and enjoy the greatest interest from a tourist point of view. They can be reached by a specially constructed bridge that allows visitors to explore . The rock monastery was inhabited during the Second Bulgarian kingdom (XII - XIII century ) . It has a tomb was looted but most likely in the Middle Ages .

Provadiysko - Royaksko plateau is one of the most important in the country inhabited by several endangered species European context , including the Egyptian vulture, owl and Roller . Because of the need to protect the tranquility of nesting precipitous slopes of the plateau , in the breeding season of birds tourist access to the bridge leading to the cells is limited. Cliffs around are popular venue for amateur and professional climbers.

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