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Historic Landmark
Ovech Fortress Provadiya

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On the high mountain plateau above Provadia stands one of the oldest fortresses in Bulgaria. Ovech or Provadiyska fortress was founded by the Byzantines in the V century. Its main function was to guard the borders of Byzantium by invading northern tribes.

The castle was inhabited successively by Thracians, Romans, Byzantines, Bulgarians, Turks. Associate its name with the reign of Tsar Ivaylo (1277 - 1280), with the march of Count Amadeus VI of Savoy (1366) and the march of the Polish-Hungarian king Vladislav III Jagiello (Varnenchik) (1444).

The castle has three entrances. The east approach is preserved in its original version to cut into the rock stone stairs. It is convenient for visitors with own transport. There are signs that will direct you and to the castle you will find convenient parking.

The west entrance is accessible from the city through an original spiral staircase with 111 steps.

Head is the north entrance to the castle. In front of it was built bridge with a length of 150 meters, which connects with neighboring stronghold Tabiite plateau.

When visiting the castle in stone fort can still be considered the speaker well, 79 meters deep, Metropolitan Church, Knight's prison tower and monastic path devilish holes.

The castle is open year round.

Tours of the castle is provided by the Historical Museum of Provadia - 15 leva for groups over 20 people.

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Working hours: 09:00 to 18:00

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