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Lepenitsa Cave

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Lepenitza cave is located in the Western Rhodopes, Syutkya below the peak (2186 m), 10 km southwest of Rakitovo and 11 km away from Velingrad.

Lepenitsa has three floors. The bottom has a length of 273 meters and run it through an underground river. On the second floor during rain formed four lakes and ponds in dry weather are just two. The third floor is dry, but inaccessible. The total length of the cave is 1525 m. Have access to the cave and Rakitovo and Velingrad. The cave is rich in stalagmites, stalactites and stalactones and is very beautiful. There are no spectacular cave pearls, which today can be seen in the Natural History Museum in Sofia.

To investigate Lepenitsa and caves around it, the inhabitants of Rakitovo created in 1930 the first branch of the Bulgarian cave Society - Sofia. Even earlier, in 1925 and 1927 surveys biospeleologichni when you visit it makes Academician Ivan Buresh as head of the Royal Natural History museums.

Cave fauna is extremely rich and interesting. So far some 24 species of animals, of which 6 were categorized as troglobionts (live only in caves).

In Lepenitsa six species of bats live. Temperature in the cave is about 10 degrees.

Currently the cave is a tourist site after more than 50 years was inaccessible to tourists. Declared a natural monument in 1960 It comes only with a guide and special equipment, in groups no larger than 10 people.

Prices to visit are between 10 and 25 BGN depending on track, working hours are by appointment.

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