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Mantaritsa Reserve

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The reserve is located in the municipality of Rakitovo. It is located 8 km south of the city Rakitovo. Covers the areas “Cocks”, “Kaynatsite” and “Mantaritsa”.

Mantaritsa Biosphere Reserve has kept most majestic pine forests in Bulgaria. They resemble a jungle and impassable for the most part. The most common trees are spruce Mantaritsa, followed by spruce and pine, and the average age is 130-150 years. The fauna is rich with a particular interest are the large number of grouse, bears, deer, pigs, deer and wolves. In the western part of the reserve Mantaritsa rises Mount pashas hill on which the ruins of an ancient Thracian fortress. Its wall is six feet wide is preserved height 150 cm rock fortress surrounded interesting than 5 meters high, on which there are four sites, the purpose of which is unknown. From the top gives beautiful views of the Rila and Rhodope. Over Mantaritsa soars peak of Batak Mountain - Syutkya. At the foot of the top cave is the cave, which is among the most beautiful in Bulgaria. The reserve is forbidden any human activity, except crossing guards and marked trails for visitors.

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