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Small Syutkya

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Small Syutkya or small Syutka is the peak in the Western Rhodopes. Its height is 2078 m in the southern foothills of Mt Little Syutka is locality barracks - large saddle from which the rivers Suysuza (east ) and the Fish River ( west ) . Typical temperatures are lower , falling high rainfall , strong winds blow and the snow is thick and stays for a long time. Very briefly this is the wild and untravelled part of the mountain , top of the Batak Mountain .

Forest points where if need be lodged abound. Besides class roads there are many deaf leading to clearing abandoned or newly planted areas and nowhere more. So are the paths used for centuries by farmers . They appear above the high leveled areas where forests have been converted to pasture for the animals. Characteristic of this area is forest that has never been minted . In the woods you can still walk , because it is not as impenetrable new densely planted pine trees and consists of a large, distant from each other trees. Between them live wild animals.

The most convenient starting point for visiting the share Syutkya is Runev charm. In less than an hour you can reach the saddle between the two Syutka and make a wonderful walk up this hill, the second highest in the Rhodopes after Perilikliyski . After reaching the forest home Beglika a branch to the right , almost reaching apex Small Syutkya .

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