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Drakula Cave

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Dracula's cave is located about a kilometer west of the village Razboishte on the south side of Mt punch ( Tupanats ) where Cliff starts descent to the ravine of the river Dracul . The approach is from the railway

stop Chepurlintsi upstream river Dracula .

After about 30 min to reach the second in a sharp bend in the river

upstream after that climbs up the gravel rock

ducts. The cave entrance is located at a height of about 60 meters above the river

middle part of the rock cliff facing the east. The entrance is large and is visible from afar , but not from the direction from which he comes. The entrance is marked with

paint. If you cave in to continue upstream of the river, then

about 20 min to reach the natural landmark waterfall kitten. Convenient place to park is at the west end of the village , where is the starting point for Razboishte Monastery " Virgin ." Transition to the cave from there is about 1.5 km almost exclusively on horizontal paths through meadows.

The cave is dry, horizontal / upward (length 42 m ) and is located at the top of the rock of the array consists of Triassic limestone . The entrance is wide and high arch . Inside the cave is high main gallery, ending in a sloping bottom stack. There is a short and narrow branch left. The floor is covered with soil and small rocks. At the end of the cave floor is clay , and the chimney was dripping water and the walls and floor his muddy . No secondary karst formations.

In the vestibule there is a pile of guano and possibly a summer colony of bats that used to shelter the high chimney. The cave is short. Reserves width of 3 meters to end at the end of the arch height reaches about 5 meters. Quite interesting topography has different floor elevations of bedrock . At the end there is damp and descending from the ceiling natek and small stalactites and povletsi . It's obvious that people rarely visit it . There are several inscriptions with charcoal on the walls dating back to 1985.

No sign of strong frost weathering and collapse inside the cave.

The entrance to the cave was used by shepherds to house sheep. Local people called the cave with the name '' '' Barata , because it goes around the river .

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