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Pchelina Forest park

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Park Pchelin frequently visited and favorite place for recreation of citizens located in Razgrad region. It is situated approximately 10 kilometers southwest of Razgrad, in mixed pine and birch forest. The old name of the park Pchelin Kuvanlak and its present name is derived from the fact that it is a place for beekeeping . People still call the area of Varna, because the path through the woods between Rousse and Varna. The area is a valley, 4 km long , located in the south- north on hilly terrain and two dams . There mnogoobraszie deciduous forests, meadows , beautiful meadows grow early spring flowers , and the air is clean and fresh . Features of the region allows the 60 years of the last century, after the region of the village of Water , Municipality Testament in a nature reserve , local authorities to develop Pchelina as an area for a short recreation. Began intensive development of the area , build the second dam was built huts , Prophylaxis , restaurants, tourist sites , and in the 80s of XX century was marked trails to these sites. Has built gazebos , tables with benches convenient for picnics , soccer field and swimming pool. Two lakes located one after another of Pchelinska river are a real treasure with the opportunity to develop different types of water sports and fishing . Razgrad hard work to develop ecotourism and rural tourism. In this connection takes priority building Lesopark Pchelina as cultural and entertainment center. The concept for the development of the entire park is included creating separate areas for active recreation , entertainment and pleasant entertainment and sports activities for all ages of the population of the city , the region and visiting tourists. No doubt a pleasure and delight is so far up this pure and beautiful natural scenery, preserved its charm in Forest Park Pchelina .

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