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Ecopath The Kingdom of edelweiss

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Eco path "The kingdom of edelweiss " is the ideal route for tourists who love Pirin , but do not have enough time to make a long trek in the mountains, nature lovers and beginner groups with young children , since it is highly educational nature . The starting point of the route is over Betolovoto above Razlog . Inherently eco-trail is a dirt road that leads to the "Yavorov ." It is well marked and is also suitable for cycling .

Transition offers plenty of stunning views not only of the Pirin , Rila but also , and to Razlog valley that separates the two mountains where the river passes Places. The route could easily be traveled for several hours, but for tourists who are attracted by the opportunity to stay the night in the beautiful scenery, the "Yavorov " offers excellent conditions.

At the beginning of the route can be seen the remains of three medieval churches . They are named " Saint Nicholas " , "Writing " and " White ." Announced for archaeological sites and is currently being studied with the idea of ​​restoring and become an attractive target for many tourists from home and abroad.

For a more attractive direction of eco-trail is marked with a painted bear paw . Along the route you can see the bear den and a golden eagle nest , which is the symbol of the National Park "Pirin". The route will also encounter many strange rock formations , waterfalls and waterfalls , beautiful forests, mountain flowers , herbs and edible fungi. Many informative and educational boards provide an interesting way the flora and fauna of the area.

Of course, the focus is on edelweiss - one of the rarest , most beautiful and hardy flowers that grow on Bulgarian territory. Its name means " noble white " , it is relatively low, with fleshy , covered with cloth sheets and thus protects well from extreme cold in the high mountains. In our edelweiss occurs in Rila, Pirin and Stara Planina. Grows in inaccessible and high places , so it is path is called " the kingdom of edelweiss " - because climbing to alpine areas of Pirin , where the proud flower still finds a place in which to grow undisturbed .

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