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Rezovo beach

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Beach of Rezovo is with distinctive purity and is one of the last untainted by tourist destinations on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The sea is relatively shallow, with sloping bottom, in which no pits, whirlpools and undercurrents.

Resovo is very close to the southernmost point of our coast, just a few kilometers from the border with Turkey. Beautiful, clean and warm sea, the mild, fine sand are not the only reasons to come here thousands of tourists every year. Nearby are some of the most attractive tourist destinations in magical Strandja Mountain.

The village has only about a hundred people and is located eleven miles from Sinemorets and seventeen from the nearest town. Precisely because of its remoteness from the main tourist beach is not exceptionally busy, which makes it ideal for families with small children and lovers of solitude in nature.

There are several small restaurants where you can order a refreshing drink or eat a varied diet, among menu feature local specialties. On the beach in Resovo have the opportunity to enjoy the sunset in a quiet environment or walk long along under the stars.

In the village there are several family hotel, but if you prefer a more casual atmosphere, you can sit in private pensions as given everywhere. In Resovo have the opportunity to have fun and nightlife, but if you prefer the noise and the crowd, you can jump off to one of the big resorts located nearby.

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