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Route Ribaritsa village - Echo hut

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The tourist route from the village Ribaritza ( Teteven , Lovech District) to hut "Echo" through place Ostrikite starts from last station ( "Old Ribaritza " ) of the resort and lasts about 4 hours. From the bus stop takes the asphalt road to the village Shipkovo and bypassed Haidushkoto well ( fountain ) and out of the neighborhood Debelshtitsa .

About 2 kilometers ( half an hour) from the bus stop is located HaydushkiI area where rivers merge black and Debelshtitsa . Here the routes are divided as to hut "Echo" is still a narrow (also paved ) road which turns to the right , along the Black River . The track begins to climb gradually and after about an hour reaches an open meadow with nice views , which are constructed pond and buildings associated with hunting tourism in the area.

Soon, the road passes under a bridge over the Black River and re- splits . The right continues to follow the riverbed and left turns to Chiflik going through Dragomanov Dol Pechkovets saddle on the ridge of the mountain Vassiliovska . Continue along the riverbed , having passed a placarded deviations for pens in the area of ​​Upper Zelenikovets and Zelenishki dol in that hut is reached " Rebel Song" , passing through the protected area Kashka .

The trail to the hut " Echo " passes through Nenov stone, Dinkite , Mali Red Bank, Bear Chute , Curve dol to reach the area Ostrikite about an hour and a half. Here, under the branches of a huge oak is equipped recreation area with wooden benches and table, fountain, fireplace.

By Ostrikite path goes straight to the south , continuing to follow the riverbed , but it is considerably steeper and draw loops through beautiful forest until reaching the crest of the mountain side rib where there is a place for recreation . Hence the route follows the crest of the ridge and , passing another place to rest, reaches the site of Dolni Windy Preslap of Stara Planina ridge where the east leads to the hut " Kozya Stena " and the west - hut "Echo" . The climb continues for a while to the south through a forest and then through open alpine terrain to the saddle Iron Gate ( Demirkapiya ) and nestled between her and peak Fist hut "Echo" .

The transition requires a certain physical condition , but it is not too difficult. And well worth it , because it appears in one of the most beautiful mountain areas , not only in the Balkans but also in Bulgaria .

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