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Canary Lake

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Canary Lake is a cirque lake of glacial origin located in the middle part of the Rila Mountains . It rises to 2,270 m above sea level. Tops Rock Redzhepitsa , Vapa , Yossifitsa and surrounding gum with its steep slopes of the cirque lake. Canary lake itself was formed from the eastern side of the Rock Peak ( 2691 m altitude ) . It is relatively shallow and is characterized by an oval shape. Its area is approximately 2.19 hectares . Its water level by draining into it four smaller creeks and the lake is considered to be the beginning of the Beli Iskar. Canary lake in no way inferior to other glacial lakes in Rila. Is very picturesque and worth a visit if you are in the area. Starting point for lake Ribni lakes and run the trail to Mt Rock. About two hours walk you will need to climb the peak and peak from which you can enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery . In the Canary lake you will pass if you drive and the route from hut to hut Lakes Fishery Potter . Another option is to go from hut Macedonia, scroll through Angelov peak , Mount hazel slap and Mount Black Meadow . If you have the desire and strength can conquer and adjacent peaks Vapa , Yossifitsa and Redzhepitsa . And if you go back to the hut Fish ponds can take and to many other destinations as Stinky Lake , the Rila Monastery and Mount Rilets . Whatever choice you do not forget the pure nature of Rila.

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