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Chanakgiolski lakes - Panitsite

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Chanakgyolskite Lakes are two lakes of glacial origin located in the western parts of the Rila Mountains. They are called more Chanakskite lakes , Panitsite or Chanatsite . Located near two other mountain natural attractions - Seven Lakes and Urdini lakes. Panitsite were formed in a small cirque between Green Ridge and the ridge that starts from the northeastern part of Haramiata peak ( 2465 m altitude ) . This ridge is a local watershed - in the western part the waters are drained by the river Jerman and Struma River in the Aegean Sea , while in the eastern part - through the Iskar River and the Danube to the Black Sea.

These two lakes are often a meeting place for "danovistite" who perform their religious rituals in the form of meditation and dancing in these mountain areas . Dunov himself , the founder of this religious teaching them called Lake of Contemplation and Lake of Purity.

Lake Superior is located 1490 meters north -northeast of Mount Vazov ( Damga peak ) at 2238 meters altitude. It is smaller in size than the two lakes - 10.1 acres . Depth reaches 5.5 m . It was here under the ridge of Mount Haramiata members of this religious doctrine perform their dance Paneurhythmy .

Chanakgyolsko lower lake, called Lake of contemplation , is located 1760 meters north- northeast of Mount Vazov ( Damga peak ) at 2205 meters altitude. It is the larger of the two bowls with an area of ​​37.5 hectares.

Interestingly in these lakes is that they do not flow into one another as the Seven Lakes or Urdini lakes , but their streams merge at a lower altitude, launching a Cherni Iskar River .

There are two routes by which you can go to see the beauty of these wonderful lakes. One option is to move along a marked path from a winter hut " Seven Lakes " to " Ivan Vazov " in Green Ridge sections. So you'll pass above Chanakgyolsko lake. Another option is to start from Panichiste in hut " Pionerska" , then take a cable car to the mountain hut " Lakes " to walk 45 minutes walk to Fish Lake and from there another 30 minutes to the ridge below the peak Haramiata .

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