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Devil lakes

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Devil lakes, known among climbers as Dzhendemski lakes are lake group of seven lakes of glacial origin located in the middle part of the Rila Mountains . Were formed in the hellish circus at an altitude between 2294 m and 2445 m . Lakes flow into one another and thus give rise to Devil's River, which is a left tributary of the Rila river . The lakes are located south of the main Reletsko hill, as the highest is situated on the western slope of Mount Rilets ( 2713 m asl ) to 2445 m altitude. The largest area is located the east of Mount Teodosiev Karauli and has a size of 14.6 acres . An interesting fact is that the bottoms of two of the Devil's lakes are covered with marble slabs . That is why they are often called pearl lakes. Starting point for the hike to this incredibly beautiful and unspoilt part of the Rila Mountains can be Ribni lakes and assume the marked trail to the peak Rilets . If you climb to the top and enjoy the magnificent panoramic views Maljovitza share of northwestern Rila. To be located near Stinky Lake - the largest glacial lake not only in Bulgaria but on the Balkan Peninsula. You can also visit the Black Lake , which is difficult to access , enclosed by the east ridge , which separates it from the circus of Stinky Lake.

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