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Eleni peak

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Deer peak is 2654 meters high . Located in Maljovitza part of Rila , just on the outskirts of the powerful was the very top Maliovitsa . Relatively easily accessible - you can climb there way to Malyovitsa . In Eleni peak not pass paths to nowhere - this is because the tip ends with a cliff from which a wonderful view to the Rila Monastery. Opportunities for reaching the top are not very - or ascent or descent of Maliovitsa can visit Eleni peak tourist route . When using alpine equipment peak can be climbed from the south, but the transition is long and arduous. Good views of Mount Deer opens from the top Orlovec of Purchase and , as already mentioned, from Malyovitsa . Interesting fact - the beginning of the twentieth century Maliovitsa was not considered a separate peak , and to the northwest side of Mount Deer .

Deer peak or also known as Elenko is beautiful mountain in northwestern Rila situated at the end of the very broad ridge of Mount Maliovitsa . The top can be reached by a path of decline from peak Maliovitsa omitting ramp descent to Elena lakes and continue straight ahead along the ridge . Typical of the top is his beautiful Southern 200 foot wall with exquisite granite oranzheveesht suitable for climbing both advanced and beginners . It has passed on dozens of routes not higher category. From the top to find fantastic panoramas as to sharp rocky peaks of the alpine ridge to the east and south to the beautiful wooded valley of the River Rila and the Rila Monastery in the southwest.

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