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Eleshnitsa hut

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Hut " Eleshnitsa " is located in the northwestern part of the Rila Mountains at an altitude of 856 meters. Located in the eponymous area next to the confluence of the River " Eleshnitsa " and " Rila river ."

A massive two-storey building with a total capacity of about 40 seats, which are divided into rooms with four, five and nine beds. Every two rooms have a bathroom, but the bathroom is shared throughout the building. The hut has electricity and water . Heating is performed centrally by solid fuel stove . The hut has bungalows with capacity of about 45 seats . They are divided into two bungalows and four beds. For them, the bathrooms are outside. On the first floor of the main building has kitchen and dining room . The building has a designated parking space. Near the hut " Eleshnitsa " has a ski slope , which is equipped with a lift and is available to visitors. Managed by the Tourist Association "Rila" in the town of Rila .

As a starting point for the lodge is used most often Rila town . The road travels 14 kilometers asphalt road. Another commonly practiced option of tourists from the resort " Borovets " in the Palace " Sitnyakovo " hut " Chakar leader " who travels on a marked route for approximately 5.30 hours .

There are marked trails and paths leading to other cabins and sites for walks and mountaineers . From her start hiking trails to the huts , " Macedonia " - 4.30 hours , " Ivan Vazov " - 5.30 hours, hut "Ribni ezera " - 6.30 hours . Due to its favorable location offers access to " Rila Monastery " and " Kirilova Polyana".

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