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Fish lakes

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Fish ponds are the names of two lakes of glacial origin located in the middle part of the Rila Mountains. Circus in which they are formed , surrounded by the peaks Yossifitsa , Rock and Kyoravitsa . The larger of the two lake - Upper Fish Lake is located at 2225 meters altitude. Its area reaches 17.6 hectares , and its depth up to 9 meters. Built his overflow. Lower Fish Lake is located 2,210 meters above sea level and is relatively less than the upper area of 4.7 hectares and a depth of 8.9 m . The lakes are very popular tourist site. Among them was built one of the nodal stations in the Rila mountain hut - "fish ponds " . In the surrounding area there are many beautiful places that can be visited - lake groups , peaks with fantastic panoramic views. Furthermore, both the hut Fish ponds are a convenient place for a long rest and recharge power for multi-day hiking .

Starting point for the lakes is the Rila Monastery - the distance from it to overcome them for about five hours following the route marked in yellow. The monastery can be reached by car or by bus - from Doupnitsa or Sofia.

When you reach the lakes there are many routes between that you may choose and which will take you to beaty scenic spots . If you want to make a transition to another hut , you can go to - hut Thrower ( 6.00 ) hut Semkovo ( 4.30 ) hut Macedonia ( 6.00 ), Strashno lake shelter ( 6.30 h ) hut Maliovitsa ( 8.30 ) . If you want to visit the largest alpine lake not only in Bulgaria but in the Balkans - Stinky Lake - from Fish lakes will only take about an hour marked in yellow trail .

Whatever you choose as your route and area of both lakes Fish will stop your breath.

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