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Grunchar lake

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Grunchar (Potter) Lake is located in the eastern part of Rila mountain of nearly 2200 meters above sea level. It was formed in pottery circus and a glacial origin . From this stems the river Grancharitsa . The name of the area , the lake and the river originated from a legend. It tells a very good and skilled potter who lived in the town Yakorouda , and was known to all the people in the area. It was summer, he loaded his horse and went to the town of Samokov. Time fly fast and to shorten the route , he decided to jump over the ridge between Yurushtki and Chal peak Nalbant . Walking along the path of today's Dzhanka ( lower hooks ), but when passing by the lake preceded him terrible storm that killed the potter and his horse with the load. So the place where he had found the master , was named after him - Potter . People in the mountains and the lake called Grunchar lake and creek running from it - Grancharitsa . On the northern shore of the lake today is built hut , and it next to it there and bungalows, which increases the accommodation on site . The lake itself is very beautiful and it is difficult to access . The starting point of the lake is the town Yakorouda as it can be reached in 22 kilometer road - 14 km of it are paved and the other not . Neighboring tourist sites near the lake, which is nice to visit if in the area are: Potter's Falls ( River Grancharitsa beneath the hut ), Mt Ovcharets ( 1.30 pm) , Mount Kovacs ( 1.40 h . ) peak Dry Vapa (2.00 pm) , hut " Treshtenik " ( 2.15 pm ) , hut " Zavrachitsa " ( Kaiser in time , summer version -3.00 pm) , Mount Musala ( 4.00 pm) , hut "fish ponds " (6.00 pm) , hut " Semkovo " ( in Upper saddle hooks and Valentine River to 5.00 pm) .

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