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Haramiyata peak in Rila

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Haramiata peak is located in the northwest part of Rila near the Seven Rila Lakes . Is 2465 m high and has a stunning acute and rocky terrain . Viewed from the west tip like a pyramid with jagged edges. Under the right conditions, it is easily accessible from the East , and from its highest point reveals magnificent panoramas and views of the nearby lake . At the Western Wall has passed several rounds of climbing . The climb from the West is only recommended for experienced climbers .

Tip called Crni rock and Haiduta ( attempt to change the name ) is located in Damgskiya ( Vazov ) share of northwestern Rila mountain ridge that descends to the north of the site tab of the ridge at Mount Damga ( Vazov high). This ridge separates the Seven Lakes of Haramiiska lakes. West wall descends down to Twin Lake and is accessible only to mountaineers. East tip is more gentle .

Away from the noisy crowd and take the other path , the Rila . Mountainside is quiet , so you can feel it , feel how your heart beats , how your blood boiling , how your whole body moving and you hear your own breath . Right there in those moments you can feel the beauty of this place and allow this energy to pass through you and your job. Not accidentally Dunov used this place exactly he has inspired the creation of another name for Mount Haramiata - Throne of Dunov .

Go to the old hut of Rila. If you decide to take a break , you will be behind the old cabin , and the highest peak will be in front of you - or Haramiata Haiduta height 2465 m to head to Haramiata must go to the left ( when looking from the lake ) or right ( if you watch hut ) .

The main trail offers boarding in stone and is recommended because it is easier route , and because you can watch in two valleys - the left are Urdinite Lakes and Rila Lakes are right . Passing the ridge , you will find yourself in a small pine forest with low vegetation . After it before you have to appear plateau. It is very suitable for camping because the place is sheltered and somewhat hidden - out of sight, people ...

Next, you will clearly show the path for uploading this very point. Feeling when he reached the top is unique, because then you know exactly what you did and where you are.

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