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Little Musala peak

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Malka Musala (from 1950 renamed Dimitrov, the name of Georgi Dimitrov ) is the peak Musala part of Rila . With a height of 2,902 meters it is the fourth in Bulgaria after Kutelo ( 2,908 m ) in the Pirin and seventh in the Balkans.

It is located northeast of Mount Musala, which connects rocky ridge called Saws . The ridge continues north -northeast of the peaks Irechek and Deno . Northwest of Little Musala is situated Moussala circus , and in both the top and the crest has two small circus - that of Dark Lake and one without the lake. Northwestern slope that descends steeply to the top step of the Musala cirque impressive by his fearful appearance due to the weathered rocks and scree on it. A friendly is its opposite slope that reaches the deep valley of the Maritsa River Quiet . His triggers surround some two small cirque , hanging on to the river valley. The first cirque below Mount Musala peak and saws . It is witout lakes. The second is the circus of the Dark Lake. Situated below the peaks Small Musala Ridge Irechek and the Cold ridge. The slope between the two circus is grassy and in the summer it can be climbed Mt Dimitrov from the southeast , taking into account the large displacement. " Pate " on top is ¬ Cretan with large , loose stones. On its highest part of several large stone pyramids.

The peak is accessible along the ridge from Mt Musala peak or from Irechek , which is located on 1 hour and 30 minutes. Practiced and ascent from icy lake in snow , but it should be done with good insurance. Winter traverse Musapenskoto before, including during peak the peak, is handled by experienced and well- equipped climbers .

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