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Mount Lovnitsa in Rila - Route

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Lovnitsa peak rises in the northwestern Rila Mountains , is 2695 meters high and is " lurking " near Maliovitsa . It looks like a big, round , bare hill , and going to the peak is not difficult , but what is seen on top is truly remarkable ! Lovnitsa peak is located adjacent to the shelter " BAC " ( Bulgarian Alpine Club ) . In good weather, the area is much frequented by climbers and experienced mountaineers Lovnitsa included as part of the transition on the ridge of Maljovitza part of Rila . Climbing Lovnitsa however, is one of the most easily accessible areas. The lightest way to the top starts at Central Mountain School " Maliovitsa " ( CMS ) . Take the trail to " Maliovitsa " which can be reached in about an hour. Thence continue along red and blue marking up the road to Mt Maliovitsa . Walk along the river Maliovitsa and after about 30-40 minutes climb to the so -called "second balcony ." Here in the great rock with plaques of dead mountaineers marking is divided - the red goes up to Maliovitsa and blue turn left and keep to the shelter " BAC " . You take it as a reference serves a metal pole of winter markings left by the river where you are coming from below. Before you can climb to sit on the flat lawn of one of the largest pools of the river - just where the trail starts to the shelter . The location is very convenient , beautiful and in July is covered with a variety of mountain flowers. After a rest there, start climbing up. Originally path winds among the squat , but gradually he yielded to a more rugged landscape. Move at the base of Mount Camel - when you get in the shelter will understand why it is so called ! Around growing more and more flowers bobbed up snow drifts and seamlessly go to a flat area where already seen rocky knoll on which the shelter is located . Shelter " BAC " is reached in about an hour and a half from the hut " Maliovitsa ." The surrounding area is beautiful ! When you stand facing the door of the shelter , Mount Lovnitsa stands opposite you - as we said, reminding rounded hill. In contrast , the Tooth right looks pretty intimidating . From this perspective Maliovitsa is located on the back of your left and rises camel . Climbing Lovnitsa here takes about 30-40 minutes - to bear on the ridge between this peak and the Tooth . This place is called Evil crossing . Suddenly forward and down reveals dizzying view of the valley beyond the ridge . The place is very impressive, but still ahead prospects offered the crown of Lovnitsa . The trail to the peak is clearly visible and assumes the left and upwards of Evil crossing . Climbing here takes 15-20 minutes. Finally reaches a set of stones on the peak of Lovnitsa . Return to the CMS becomes the same time or in Great Kupen peakt and Scary lake . Walk to Lovnitsa back to starting point complex " Maliovitsa " takes about six hours - but the time goes , if you do not make much rests ! Otherwise will take at least eight or nine hours. In the area of ​​Lovnitsa it is possible to monitor and wild goats - especially in calmer days without increased human presence around.

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