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Musala peak

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Musala is the highest peak in Bulgaria and the entire Balkan peninsula altitude 2925 m , measured from the level of Varna port . Musala in the Rila Mountains , not far from the famous resort of Borovets and 80 km from Sofia. In the summer it is visited by many tourists from all over the world , but most of the mountaineers of Bulgaria and neighboring countries. At the top is built meteorological station of the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences .

Its name is derived from the Arabic " Allah mousse " or " place of prayer ", " location close to God ," " Musalla " also called the stone on which lay the deceased in the mosque . A name given by the Turks . During the period 1949-1962 , the said Stalin , named after the Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.

It is built of Paleozoic granite , cut by veins granitporfirni . Average annual temperature - 2.9o , cf. February - 12.0o , cf. August it - 5.4o , absolute minimum tempera . - Minus 31.2oC , absolute maximum pace. 18.7oC . An average of 254 days of the year Musala is covered with snow. Prevailing northwest winds . Mountain meadow soils. Is mainly covered with alpine vegetation. In the southern part of the array it has nice mountain pastures ( " Chalov " ) .

It is remarkable diversity of flora, including some interesting trees and fauna , it is also a good place for bird watching. The easiest way to climb a straight path from the resort of Borovets, 10 km to the south. There is a cable car that leads to the place Yastrebetz height of 2369 meters, where Musala hut ( 2389 m ) can be reached on foot in about an hour, and the top - nearly two hours. The route away . "Musala" to the top, about 200 meters below it is shelter " Glacial lake " ( VIS . 2,709 m ) The shelter is located near a lake . There you can spend the night in advance.

The peak is part of a hundred tourist sites. There is a stamp in the meteorological station. That in clear weather is visible even in the Aegean Sea , is a legend . Mountains in southern Bulgaria and northern Greece prevent direct vision , and the spherical shape of the Earth, making it impossible to monitor such distant objects.

Climb to the top of Bulgaria !

Easy way : use the lift: It will take 3-4 hours to climb Mount Musala if you use the Gondola from Borovets to Yastrebetz and then follow the marking reached Musala hut and goes to the very top .

Yastrebets is the starting point ( 4.5 hours walking or 30 minutes . Gondola ) to Musala , the highest peak in Bulgaria (2925m). The first part of the route (1 hour) takes you to the Musala chalet (2,430 m), from where the road to the summit takes another 1.5 - 2 hours , passing through the shelter Everest , the highest a mountain hut in Bulgaria .

Musala - loved to climb all year round ..

Musala is ideal for mountaineering exploits. The average number of visitors is about 50,000 people per year . At the foot of the peak is located on the largest and most famous winter resort in Bulgaria - Borovets and its slopes are dotted with a number of holiday cottages and chalets.

Of Musala hut hike to Mount Musala will take about 2 hours. The trail is well marked and clean and start her on the north side of the lake. After half an hour walk you will reach the beautiful lake ( " lake Alekovo " )

The view from the top is truly dizzying - you can enjoy the remaining peaks of Rila mountain of sharp peaks of Pirin , Vitosha mountains and Middle Woodland , green and slopes of the Rhodope Mountains , and finally , but not least , majestic Balkan Mountains.

As to the very top , you'll find two buildings: a meteorological station (where you can buy hot drinks and cards) and a research laboratory .

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