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Orlovets peak in Rila

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Orlovec peak is located in Rila. Its height is 2685 meters in the immediate vicinity are still tops the Evil Tooth and Dvuglav . 3 together they form the top epic sight that will remain forever in your memories .

Orlovec peak can be climbed fairly easily , as a starting point recommended Maliovitsa hut. Transition is generally about 3-4 hours in good weather conditions. Winter the area around the top may be difficult to access and avalanche risk . Check prognosis , but in clear weather winter transition you great pleasure . To reach the top you must first climb up to the saddle between the Evil Tooth and Orlovec . This is not a safe measure and requires caution. Do not allow your group to tears and do not take a lot of climbing in bad weather. The road passes through steep scree , so you must be more careful in the summer. You may notice that in some places there is snow even in August . In winter, everything looks white and intact. Bring your cat because you may need them. After reaching the saddle a short pause to enjoy the view of the Dvuglav peak ( 2605 m) and the overhanging Blue chute western wall of the needle peak ( 2575 m.) A narrow path to the left you can reach the edge of the wall of Mount Evil Tooth and look down. Watch out!

To reach the peak Orlovec ( 2685 m ) of the saddle should start climbing right up the steep grassy slopes . Will seamlessly step on top and speechless by beautiful views . Low down in your feet is Maliovitsa valley to the left of you are beautiful peaks Maliovitsa Orleans and Little Maliovitsa behind you is a deep Rila valley and Rila Monastery and beyond the horizon is fine ridge of Pirin Mountain. In Maliovitza part of Rila is not one or two points which are breathtaking in appearance. Moreover - sometimes stop and paintings that detect when a person ends up above , and the effort needed to make this " finding yourself " possible. At any time of the year, these tips are great - winter with dark vertical walls , alternating with the whiteness of the snow, and in summer - with green grass and flowers , found a home in the inaccessible crags . Some of these giants fairly easily allow people to themselves , while others make it extremely difficult climbs , and sometimes even make them impossible.

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