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Historic Landmark
Rila monastery

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The monastery is located in the western part of Rila 1.150 meters above sea level, near Pastra (13 km).. The monastery is situated 47 km. from the town of Dupnitsa, 84 km. of Kyustendil and 111 km. from Sofia. Exit is from the town Kocherinovo provided is first class asphalt road. Regular bus service to the Rila Monastery is the cities: Rila, Blagoevgrad, Dupnitsa and Sofia.

Rila Monastery is the largest monastery in Bulgaria. Established mid-30's of 10c. by the hermit John of Rila and his disciples. Sam Ivan Rilski is one of the first famous Bulgarian monks-hermits, proclaimed a saint by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. He lives at the time of Bulgarian kings - Boris I, Simeon and Peter I, and even last meeting. The complex of Rila Monastery and consists of many side facilities scattered in the area, as cloisters, chapels, industrial buildings, etc.. Earliest of these is the Convent "Orlica" built by 15 to 19c. and located 15 km. from the central complex. Since the late 18th and early 19th century. ossuary dated Blessed Virgin (1795g.) hermitage of St. Luke Church (1799g.) and Pokrov (1811g.) Chapel Pchelino "Church of the Assumption of Ivan Rilski (1820g.) located is the tomb of the saint. Monastery have more than 300 rooms with richly carved decoration, colorful display and furniture. In Rila Monastery is one of the richest collections of icons from 14 to 19c. The oldest is the icon with the image of Ivan Rilski dating back to 14c. In Rila monastery lies the grave of King Boris III.

From 1961. The monastery was turned into a national museum and the surrounding area, in the park. It is one hundred tourist sites of the SIP and the status of a separate settlement with a population of 65 inhabitants. Open for visits from 8 to 18 pm every day, the stamp is located in the museum of the monastery. The rate for overnight at the monastery complex is 25 per bed.

National tourist sites near the Rila Monastery: Rila Lakes (8 km.) Mount Musala (21 km., 8 pm time) Malyovitsa peak (4 hours time). Leave the monastery several marked hiking route for hut Fish Lakes (4-5 pm) for Macedonia Chalet (5 pm), hut "Ivan Vazov" (5 pm) for Chalet 7 - Rila Lakes "(6-7 pm) and Malyovitsa Chalet (6-7 hours).

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