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The route from the hut " Ivan Vazov " is Boucher ridge in the Rila Monastery is one of the easiest to that starting point . The hut ( 2300 m altitude ) has earned fame of one of the most difficult in Rila, as it is located away from the main tourist flows and it will build an automobile road . However, in recent years it is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for many hikers as it is saving an island from overcrowding and bustle increasingly flooded Rila.

The track has a total length of about 5 hours. Starting at hut " Ivan Vazov " and directed to the saddle tab, then winter pillar marking . After half an hour the route deviates from the mark and heads south , crossing the bed of the river Bistrica . Climb less pronounced Mokrishki hill and landing in the west of the circus Vazov peak ( 2669 m ), where the rises river Eleshnitsa .

The tourist route continues stakes marking the winter on the other side of the circus and should plateau plateau on which gradually reaches the eastern foot of the Gross External peak ( 2593 m ) . Although the route does not pass through it , we can go up as it is gentle and rounded, and hence you can enjoy beautiful views to Southwest Rila and Pirin.

Anyway, Vurla peak is located on the outskirts of the hill Boucher in passing route. Even if you decide to chapped Vurla , it will soon find ourselves pleasantly rounded ridge of the mountain rib , and the left will remain rugged Valley Drushlyavitsa . Ridge stretch from here to Mount Boucher in many places is becoming a very narrow rocky ridge , which in the winter and spring is very dangerous.

Before tip has a small saddle remains of pen and rare trees. He is small and less pronounced and , after passing through it , the route begins a long and sloping down along single trees . When the path reaches the actual forest , it turns sharply northeast. The place is well indicated by markings on the surrounding trees.

After a few gentle serpentine route shortcuts slope and passes through the area , partly overgrown with small bushes limiting orientation . Pass through several relatively shallow gullies and the grave of the Irish journalist and a great friend of Bulgaria James Bourchier , then the path out of the parking lot in front of the Rila Monastery.

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