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Trail Fish Ponds Hut - Macedonia...

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The starting point of the route is located at the foot of the hill Ostreshka , hut Ribni ezera ("fish ponds") . It heads to Mermerski Preslap after ascent follow the ridge to the south. Not long after getting to Pavlev peak ( 2667 m altitude ) . It is characterized by moraine -covered slopes that make it relatively difficult to climb, but give it extra charm for avid hikers .

In the warmer months of the year should navigate with caution as boulders at the top and its surroundings are a favorite place of vipers . And the last thing that should happen to you in this relatively wild and remote part of Rila is to bite poisonous snake ... Pavlev peak " repays " climb it with incredible panoramas and raw radiation makes us unconsciously experience respect for the power of nature.

West at the foot of Mount Pavlev see Mermer lakes ( the largest of which is the Blue Lake ) and on east - Karaalanishkoto lake. The next peak south ridge is Black Meadow ( 2715 m ) . It also is covered with large stones and shrub formations , then it reaches Aladzhaslap peak ( 2683 m ) . In area is much larger than the Black Meadow and Pavlev peak , characterized by its grassy slopes , areas that are covered with squat and scree .

From Aladzhaslap route descends steeply to one of the most popular saddles in Rila - Kadiin grave. Here lies the path connecting the Rila Monastery and the surrounding villages to resort Semkovo and villages in the vicinity .

From the saddle the track again begins to climb , passing through three successive grassy rounded (and this is unusual Rila ) top - Uzunitsa ( 2606 m ) , Angelov peak ( 2643 m ) and Great Bear Peak ( 2617 m ) . After the last of them the route descends fairly steeply in a pleasant , grassy slope to Bear Saddle ( 2150 m ) . Precisely here lies one of the iconic Rila huts , "Macedonia " , which is the end point of the transition.

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