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Urdini Lakes

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Urdini lakes are lake group in Rila and have a glacial origin, and the majority of mountain lakes. Located in the western part of the circus between Urdinskiya Valley Maliovitsa valley cirque of the Seven Rila Lakes. Urdini six lakes and bear the following names : Dry , Fish , Triangle , botanical ( drowning ) and Little Big Panitza Panitza . They are drained numerous small streams, beautiful waterfalls are formed . Lakes are considered to be the beginning of Urdina River , a tributary of the Black Iskar River .

Lakes are relatively small - from 1 to 2.5 hectares. The smallest in size of them is Fish Lake , but it is the largest catchment area . Because it is located 500 meters southeast of the peak Damga , often referred Damgskiya lake.

Great Panitza is the most low-lying of the six lakes ( 2,278 m ), but in contrast, is the largest area ( 2.5 ha ) and volume . Dry Lake is situated at a high altitude - 2,375 meters , and its depth reaches about 5 meters. The deepest lake in the group is small Panitza ( 2,336 m ) with a depth of 7.6 meters and is located east of Fish Lake .

These lakes may not be as large as the nearby Seven Lakes , nor so well developed tourist , but at the expense of not inferior in beauty and mountain spirit. They are far from the main tourist routes in the mountains , and are hard to reach . So do not go unprepared , always carry a card. Closest huts are " Maliovitsa ", " Ivan Vazov " and " Vada " . Suitable scenic route to the lakes is to go against the tide of Urdina River that will take you right back where springs - Urdini lakes.

Really quiet and completely torn paradise without the crowds of tourists, with stunning views and scenery ! Just a few hours can be completely surrounded by will have ample time to rest and recharge spiritually ! Not accidentally declared a natural landmark of national and international importance.

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