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Yonchevo Lake

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Yonchevo lake is 2,013 meters above sea level, just below the peak capacity Popova in Rila Mountain. It is of glacial origin and was formed in a small circus . From it stems Sredna Preka river . The lake is named after the famous Bulgarian artist , born in Samokov - Christo Ionchev - Criskaretz . He was an avid hiker and loves spending time with his family in the mountains. He painted many landscapes of Rila.

Starting point for the hike to the lake is the Central Mountain School " Maliovitsa ." Just the parking lot starts marked in green path that should take. The transition is not heavy and not very long, it will take about two hours. Yonchevo lake itself is not very big at one side there are many rocks that are reflected in its crystal water. Thrive in waters other fish , especially trout . The lake is very beautiful and picturesque . Nice place to relax , if you have decided to make a long trek . In the northern part of the lake the trail splits . One , marked in green, the left takes you up over the lake , from there to Popovski ridge and thus shelter Rocker reserve . The other , marked in blue , turns right and after about half an hour walk up to shelter great lake .

To CMS "Maliovitsa "can go to the private vehicle of Samokov , or use minibuses that travel several times a day to and from Samokov . Option is to walk away from the village Govedartsi to area Ovnarsko , which will take about 4 hours to CMS "Maliovitsa".

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