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Yozola Lake

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Yozola is a lake of glacial origin located in the central part of the Rila Mountain , near Great Skakavets ( 2,705.9 m above sea level) . The area of ​​the lake reaches 6.81 hectares with a width of 175 m and a length of 340 meters. The deepest point is 7 meters. The whole area around it is to so overgrown with dwarf that is among the most difficult in Rila Lakes . Many believe it is one of the most mysterious and magical lakes in the Rila mountain, because it is so inaccessible and so well protected by lush vegetation. Yozola is drained by a small stream to the valley of the river Iskar Levy . Western part of the lake is deep , while the south is noticeably shallow , muddy and covered with marine plants . Of where to go to get to the lake to keep in mind that you expect much, much squat . It would be good to have dressed in long pants or leggings to keep your legs.

One of the possible routes to Jozo to move south along the ridge Pogledets . Go from shelter Rocker reserve toward Ribni lakes, but after Mount Water Chal not go down the marked trail to Fish Lakes , and eastwards along the ridge of the hill Marinkovitsa ( unspecified route ) . When it reached a peak Pogledets , turn north . Yozola is very visible from the peak Budachki stone. Make no mistake, if the lake seem close. So think and Asen Hristoforov - famous Bulgarian economist , writer and translator , who wrote several books on Rila. He decided to go across here for Yozola , but other than that encountered a bear on the way , reached the famous conclusion that " in Rila shortest path is always twice as long and thrice more difficult ." Other nearby Lake beautiful and interesting mountain areas are Skakavitsa and Mechi .

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