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Camping "Zodiac" was built in a beautiful ancient forest, next to the iconic monastery in Bulgaria - the Rila Monastery. Distance to it is only about a kilometer. Nature is really beautiful - around towering multiple peaks, the campsite is tucked away among the mighty slopes of Rila mountain, huge trees are breathtaking in all seasons ... All this seamlessly inserted the visitors of "Zodiac" in communion with nature, to the power of that person, got here, one can only stand in awe.

The campsite is only open during the warmer months (April-October). At this time he also gives us all want refuge from the hectic pace of the city, crowded resorts and summer heat. The air is crystal clear and very crisp with undeniable health benefits.

"Zodiac" is not actually camping in the traditional sense of the word, and one complex, offering visitors a hotel (23 beds), location for about thirty caravans, garden restaurant and barbecue. Is especially attractive terrace located just above the crystal clear, sparkling and rebellious waters of Rilska River.

Price per night in a bungalow is 15 leva per person, and children under twelve years - 8. Caravan are 30 leva for each, and the price includes use of electricity, bathroom and security. The total area of ​​the camp is 7000 square meters. It is a convenient starting point for dozens of hiking trails in the mountains, and, of course, to visit the Rila Monastery.

  • Restaurant
  • Barbecue
  • Camping
  • Mountain

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