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Ecopath Plovdivtsi Village

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Ecopath " Plovdivtsi Village " is a 7 km long and the route will begin in just below the village , in the area Domuzola , 10 km from the municipal center Rudozem . The road to the starting point is asphalt accessible for walking tourists and all terrain vehicles .

The highest point of the transition peak Babina chuka , located at 1414 m altitude. Hence the route continues towards the ultimate goal of eco-trail - Dam " Plovdivtsi ." The route runs close to the Bulgarian -Greek border , so that tourists (especially the young ) saw some exotic attraction of the nearby ruins of military sites - barbed wire fencing ( wire enclosure ) and secured former minefield .

The real reason , however trail " Plovdivtsi Village " is a center of attraction for many tourists is the incredible scenery of the Central Rhodopes . Beautiful , mighty forests alternate with extensive meadows , which are panoramic sea views from mountain peaks . The whole area is covered with beautiful wild flowers , fragrant herbs , delicious wild berries and mushrooms. Over the heads of tourists you eagle , and through forest depths lurking deer, wolves, bears , wild boars ...

Eco is quite easy to crawl. Although the terrain is varied , not very steep or dangerous areas yasnorazlichimo route is well marked . In many places along the route are made comfortable places for outdoor recreation - fireplace with barbecue and toilet to the border wire enclosures around 3 km after the exit point , wooden tables and benches near the peak Babina chuka (approximately in the middle of the transition ) and the final its on the lake " Plovdivtsi ."

Due to the nature of the border region have mountaineers to carry your personal documents and pre- call the Tourist Information Centre in Rudozem to be able thus to alert the Border Police for the existence of a tourist group in the border zone. There are no other restrictions or special requirements , but it is better to comply with the procedure for possible transition you be ruined by someone too pedantic lawman .

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