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Historic Landmark
Koznik Fortress

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Rudozem, 15, bul. Balgariya

Promises of untold riches and today act as a magnet for looters . One of the places in Bulgaria , wrapped in stories about gold for a lifetime, is the site Kichika near Rudozem. Among the beautiful and vast beauty of the Rhodope Mountains are still traces of the old fort Koznik . According to local people there lived Erim Pope - illustrious track left behind unseen treasure . According to legend , when the Turks conquered the fortress life Erim Pope was spared . Soldiers him free and let him take with him only what you can carry 15 donkeys . Remaining gold was left in the castle , along with the famous golden chariot , which Erim Pope was walking around the area .

Lust for gold , however, cost a lot of sightseeing - not a few cases zlatolyubtsi dig and shoot on doubtful forms.

There is a story and capture the fort , it is not less curious than the wealth of Erim pope. In an effort to capture the fortress , intruders realized that the only way to overcome the walls to find out where people draw fresh water. Several local residents were arrested and threatened with death , but it turned out that only a few know the secret place . Turks are smart enough and whether a donkey salt. So he led them to the deeply buried clay pipes in which water flowed to Koznik .

During the Ottoman rule the fortress was called " Kechi Kaya " translated - goats stone goat rock. Because his name scientists identify it with the fortress mentioned in Greek as Kosnikos John Cantacuzino . In the mid- 14th century it was one of the nine castles Rhodope submitted to the Bulgarian Tsar Ivan Alexander for Bulgarian promised help in the war against the Byzantine Emperor .

Like Assen's Fortress , Tsepina , Podviss Aetos and Beadnos , Koznik was part of a fortified defense system of the Rhodopes. Currently it can see 50 -foot wall with a thickness up to 2 meters and a height of 2 meters. The findings include many pieces of pottery and an ancient Roman temple .

Nowadays eco-path passes near the fortress ' Kechi Kaya - Koznik . " The foundation is 5 km from Chervenkovgrad and 2 km from the village Ribnitsa . You can reach the beginning of the route on paved road , after which followed two kilometers road. There are separate parking , barbecue, Czech and toilet. 40 minutes walk you will reach the fort without a problem .

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