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Historic Landmark
Kyunt Capu

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Ruse, 6, pl. Svoboda

Glorious is the story of Ruse. After the conquest of the Bulgarian lands from the Turks , he was renamed Ruschuk and became the stronghold of the fortification quadrangle Ruse -Shumen, Varna , Silistra . Gradually, the city went up to one of the largest Ottoman cities along the Danube and in the XIX century was elected administrative center of Dunav Vilayet . After the liberation Rousse is the largest city in the territory of the Principality of Bulgaria and only one vote difference with Sophia divides it by fate to become the capital of the newly formed state.

Within this unique Bulgarian town located Kyunt Capu. Under the terms of the Berlin Peace Treaty (1878 ), all strongholds in the Principality of Bulgaria were destroyed . So from Ruschushkata fortress today only evidence of its former existence is Kyunt Capu - one of the gates of the five , the fortress wall of the old Ruse and its iron- studded door. The literal translation of the name is " door to the tube ." Along built in the late XVIII century gate is passed pipeline - kyunt , who was part of the water supply system of the city . This pipeline is powered fountain of Saint - Georgievski school ( our days school "Angel Kunchev" ) .

In 2009 Kyunt Capu was restored and conserved. Is fully restored roof , installed stonework and made ​​a new wooden roof.

In "Little Vienna " , as it is called Ruse , you can see and many other attractions . There are many museums, house museums and monuments . Will give you a hint a few: Regional History Museum, the Roman fortress " Sexaginta Prista", National Transport Museum , Pantheon of National Revival , Monument of Liberty Theatre "Sava Ognianov " Nature Park " Ruse Lom" Lipnik Wood , Cave Orlova hammer and much much more.

Last but not least in importance , we note that here were born Tonka Obretenova (Baba Tonka ) Nicolas Obretenov , Veselin Topalov (world chess champion ) , Elias Canetti ( writer , Nobel laureate ) , and many other notable personalities.

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