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Park Rousse Lom

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In the eastern part of the Danube plain of nearly 20 km. south of Rousse is quaint and picturesque corner of Bulgarian nature - Natural Park " Ruse Lom ." The park is named after the river Ruse Lom - the last right feeder of the Danube. It was declared a national park area of ​​22267 acres, located along the rivers Mali, Cherni Lom and white , with a total length of 42 km. The area is forests and grasslands , and three rivers ( Lomovete ) form a stunning landscape of limestone canyons and a mixture of wet grassland in the valleys with dry semi-natural habitats on the rocks , hills and flat plateau . In the valley there are hundreds of smaller caves without branches. The flora of the park " Ruse Lom " numbers 902 species. The fauna is represented by 10 species of amphibians ( including 5 protected) , 19 species of reptiles , 22 species of fish , crabs , snails and river mussels , 66 species of mammals. One of the greatest treasures are the birds - 190 species, of which 110 nest in the park species. Very good conditions here are skalnognezdeshtite birds - golden eagle, Egyptian vulture, falcon and others.

Other specially designated routes allow tourists to learn about the diversity of the park. " Gramovets " is a route that allows to explore the beautiful landscape of the park until , rich biodiversity and numerous historical sites. It has a length of about 12 km. " Dendropatekata " is a route that introduces visitors to the plant species in the park. The total route length is 6 km, and its starting point is Nisovo . Tourists can see more than 20 native tree and shrub species, and a facility has information boards . Another trail leads to the age-old elm near Nisovo . The trail 6 km long passes in a Christian cemetery of the seventeenth century , continued up the rock passes by ponds of the village and the trail east to the rock platform at the top of the cliff , from where a panoramic view of the ruins of the village of Galicia . On the territory of " Ruse Lom located and Ivanovo Rock Churches - site protected by UNESCO . Particular route introduces tourists with their history and nature park. The starting point of the route is the village of Ivanovo , and its length is 9 km . There is a constant tour of the Regional Historical Museum - Rousse.

The latter route is also a historic nature - a walk in and around the Red fort . Are preserved on 13 churches, Boyar Palace and one of the two original medieval towers in Bulgaria .

Organized hotels , B & B in rural areas of the reception area offer good conditions for rest. If only a backpack or camera , binoculars or a rod , one can relax and admire the beautiful scenery and ancient history.

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