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Historic Landmark
Sexaginta Prista Fortress

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In modern northwestern part of the town , on a hill next to the Danube River , you can see Sexaginta Prista . " The port of sixty ships " , translated from Latin, it has retained the spirit of the Byzantine fortification system . The name of the fort and the city that was once under modern Ruse is given on the occasion of celebration. Actions developed at the end of I century Emperor Domitian leads famous Dacian wars. At the mouth of the river Ruse Lom is transferred Roman legion , consisting of approximately 6,000 people. Just 60 ships of the " Pristis " were required for this action . To commemorate his victory over the Dacians The castle gets its new name .

For the first time Sexaginta Prista mentioned geographer Claudius Ptolemy and details of it are in the guidebook of Emperor Antonius Pius , and the first detailed studies of the fortress make brothers Herman and Karel Shkorpil .

Like the fate of the forts on the right bank of the Lower Danube, Sexaginta Prista was destroyed by the Avars and Slavs in the VI-VII centuries. In IX-X century, on the ruins of its medieval settlement occurs Rouse.

Nowadays Ruse friendly and care taken every one polyubopitstval what is it Sexaginta Prista . You can see the building of military headquarters - Principles and Temple of Apollo. Moreover, following the restoration project and socialization in the fortress was erected watchtower . It has three floors and a replica of the lighthouse from the Roman limes . Available to tourists and the room in which you can immerse yourself in the life of the Roman soldier. Model of ancient pottery wheel is among the most attractive option for anyone who wants to learn how one time he handled the clay . No less impressive is the impactor of a Roman ship " Pristis ." For it has created a special pavilion . The municipality are taken care of and for people with disabilities , built a ramp are available and surveillance zones of the historic landmark.

A curious fact in the history of Sexaginta Prista is that in this area the local population was wealthy . Evidence of this is found in excavations organic matter . Upon analysis it is found to be a pet . If you do not know , at one time the meat of domestic pork was delicacy. Among the culinary specialties of the old days is fish soup without potatoes and tomatoes. But many lens - very favorite food then!

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