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Rusin kamak Cave

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Rusin stone cave located near the village of Rusokastro, Kameno Municipality , Burgas Province. According to archaeologists, there is evidence that this place was a sanctuary since the time of the Thracians. There are suggestions that the cave is under the stone stairs . If you find them , you will be able to prove that that is where one of the earliest temples in Europe , visited by the Thracians in the V century BC It is assumed that the entire hill is a huge Thracian sanctuary with similar roots Perperikon .

According to legends, a dragon lived in a cave near the village of stone Rusin Rusokastro . Legend has it that during the feast of St. George , when the whole village came out of the square , the Dragon came down and grabbed the Rusa girl from the dance .

Dragon tail sticking out under the clothes of the unknown , prompting ridicule girl named Rusa . "Uncle , put your tail " - he laughed at it . Irate is the dragon and sweeping whirlwind that raised a lot of dust and nobody sees . When the whirlwind abated , people saw that the girl Rusa is gone. Guessed that took her dragon . He closed it in the cave to be his bride. Woe unto the damsel cried , and tears ran down the walls of the cave. Thus forming a spring , which still considered local sacred and healing . Throughout the year, people come here to pray and light a candle for health and fertility.

When the time came to give birth , the dragon called Blond mother to help her give birth and raise a child. For this assistance dragon was rewarded with a maternal apron coals. When they get to the village , the woman threw the coals , but one remained glued to the apron her home, she found that the charcoal became a gold penny . Since then, the villagers called Rusin stone cave in the name of the abducted girl from the dragon .

The cave itself is not large . Its length is 17 meters and the height is 4 meters is available to tourists all year round . Adjacent to the cave is located Rusin stone castle fortress by paying a single fee to visit the two sites . There breadcrumb trail that descends from the church on the hill next to the hole , but you can reach it from the road as long as it does not scare you climb.

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