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Historic Landmark
Church St. Archangel Michael

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Sapareva banya

In the valley of a small stream at the foot of the Rila mountain, is a medieval church dedicated to the archangel and chief guardian of Heaven - St. Michael the Archangel . The temple is located near the village Saparevo, Sapareva bathroom .

Of historical information reaches us , we know that the church was built in the second half of the XV century and then date the southern part of the eastern wall . The dimensions of the church and the nature of the mural decoration give reason to believe that the temple there was a monastery , convent or skiing. This hypothesis is confirmed by the excavated foundations of the same during the excavation of the new building in 1997 around the church was then built new buildings , tower and fence , which together form a church monastery of the same name Saparevska monastery " St. Archangel Michael" . The dedication of the new building of the monastery on November 8, 1997 - Michaelmas , present Patriarch Maxim ( July 4, 1971 - November 6, 2012 ) . Currently, the monastery does not work.

The church "St. Archangel Michael " is a small single-nave building with internal dimensions : 4.94 meters long , 3.4 meters wide , 3.69 meters high and a wall thickness of about 70 cm It has a semi-cylindrical vault and apse of the prothesis niche on the east wall and a small window on the south wall . Scientists presents two construction periods : from the medieval era and the southern part of the eastern wall and the Renaissance is built the rest of the church. An inscription on the lunette on the eastern wall refers to the rebuilding of the Temple in 1863 he mainly repaired three times - in 1895 , 1977 and 1997

With its murals church "St. Archangel Michael" the village Saparevo is a remarkable monument of Bulgarian medieval art . Nowadays it can be seen medieval frescoes from XV and XVI century, preserved parts of the composition " Melismos " ( images of St. John Chrysostom , St. Gregory the Theologian , St. Cyril of Alexandria St. Dionysius the Areopagite , St. Nicholas and angel ripida ) " Worship of the victim " ( the image of St. Spyridon Trimituntski ) and " Annunciation " from the south wall murals images are saved to: St. Spyridon and unknown bishop of liturgical scrolls, parts of the scene , " The struggle of Jacob with the angel , " St. Prohor Pchinski , fragment of" The Last Supper " and St. Joachim Osogovski ( Sarandaporski ) .

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