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Konski Dol Reserve

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Reserve " Konski Dol" is located in the Western Rhodope Mountains north of the village of Kochan, Vaklinovo and Osina . Of all the countries bordering forest areas . It falls within the territory of " Dikchan " with a total area 34.7 ha. The average altitude is 1,600 meters spanning centuries mixed fir - spruce - beech forest. Some trees are about 54 meters high on the territory of the village Godeshevo is protected trees. There is the plane that is 400 years old , is 25 meters high and has a circumference of 4.80 meters was declared protected.

The terrain of the park " Konski Dol" is extremely steep nature - from 30 to 36 degrees. Its highest point is 1,265 meters , and the lowest 965 m of exhibition terrain east and southeast . For the territory of Horse dol established 83 plant species . With most representative is the family Slozhnotsetni - 8 species followed by Poaceae and Rosaceae families . In Konski Dol down 9 plant species of conservation . This includes mainly traditional medicinal plants and forest fruit species . These are hazel , hawthorn , juniper, dogwood , blackthorn , pine , blueberry , bearberry . Grasses are primrose, St. John's wort , belladonna , thyme , yarrow , marjoram . The fauna is represented by 103 species of vertebrates . The reserve found 6 types of relics , 77 species are protected by the Biodiversity Act , 16 species are listed in the Red Book of Bulgaria . In rivulets Reserve meets barbel and trout. Representatives of the family birds black stork, grouse , black woodpecker, grouse and many others. Typical representatives of the mammals are deer, wolf , bear, marten , wild cat and others.

The reserve is dotted with historic sites such as the ancient Thracian sanctuaries , Roman bridges and military guard towers from the Middle Ages . Trips to Dolen village and architectural reserves Kovatchevitsa from the Bulgarian Revival carry tourists unique experiences.

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