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House-museum Dan Koloff

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7 km from Sevlievo lies the village Sennik - the birthplace of Dan Koloff - Dancho Kolev Trevnenski. There began the days of the famous Bulgarian and there he ended his earthly journey.

On the main street, just a bend, is his house, now converted into the museum. You can not miss it, it is one of the few European-style built during this period. When Dan Koloff already achieved success in America, went to France to fight, he left money to his brother Zhelyu to build a house in which the family lives.

His home and part of the exposure are provided by the granddaughter of his brother Yanka Balkan.

On the first floor is presented photos of the family of Dan Koloff. There are numerous photos of his victories as a professional athlete by the time he worked as a laborer. Here are some of the few personal belongings fighter - saddle made for him personally, and cutlery (iron forks and spoons and plates and cups made of porcelain).

On the second floor there is a private room of Dan Koloff. You can see his bed, his only preserved suit tailor in France, his bamboo cane, Viennese chairs and only picture of his latest love - Russian Sonja. Near the house is his monument.

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