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The starting point of the route is the picturesque village of Senokos ( Simitli , province Blagoevgrad) located in the northern part of the mountain , close to the borders of the National Park "Pirin". The route starts from the village center and moves along the main road , reaching the river valley . Shortly before the road bridge which crosses it , the route diverges to the left and began to climb the road.

This part of the transition is very nice , not very tiring and offers tourists the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Pirin. The route crosses through the neighborhoods Garkovtsi and Papchiovtsi whose few houses seem perched on the mountain slopes .

The route continues to the neighborhood Minovtsi , but before reaching it deviates to the left and begins a steep climb on a horse trail . Series of descending and climbing the wooded hills takes about an hour before the tourists find themselves in the area Arnautski meadows. This route connects to the dirt road from the village of Senokos in the area Shirinata, but again deviates to the left up a steep dirt road .

After crossing the river in a little picturesque waterfall is reached Voditza area in which there is a place to relax with a well and fireplace. Continue on a serious slope through a pine forest. Its end marks the place at which the transition becomes easier , and soon reached the area Koprivite ( meadow with remains of an old cow-biulding ), from where begins the territory of the National Park "Pirin".

So far the total length of the route is about seven hours, so if you are not well prepared physically get a good fit or bad weather , you can stay overnight and continue the next day.

The route leads to the area Bayovi Chukar where a peak in Pirin continues shrub formations that impede movement ( in some places the bushes are very dense and reach more than two meters high ) . They alternate with moraine , but worth the effort , because on a clear day Mount Pirin provides amazing views of the whole area .

The transition is relatively difficult and time-consuming. Weather conditions in the region are changing rapidly , so you should be well equipped and physically prepared. It is not advisable to take the ascent in winter , unless you are with experienced leader or you know the area very well.

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