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Ecopath Shipkovo - hut Coman

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Shipkovo, chitalische Svetl...

Path from the village Shipkovo ( Troyan municipality ), to peak Vassiliov, to hut " Coman " and vice versa has an average degree of difficulty and is suitable even for the not so well prepared travelers and for groups with small children. The starting point of the route is Shipkovski resort spa , which is located about two kilometers from the center of Shipkovo.

Coming out of the resort , the route passes through the suburbs " Krushovo " and along the site of the military comes at a crossroads from which one should start in the leftmost branch . After awhile signboard showing where it is necessary to deviate from the dirt road and take in the woods. After an hour climb we reach the meadow with an abandoned barn from which awaits us new, short climb to the hut " Vasilyov ."

Hence, we must take the northwest to get out of the eponymous peak ( 1490 m altitude ) , prince of Vassiliovska mountain and the whole Balkan. From the grassy ridge lovely open views to the Danube valley (north) and the Central Stara Planina ridge (south ) . Although not particularly high peak Vassiliov has a special charm and magnetism .

After enjoying the sights and sensations , you should continue on the crest plateau , in which the transition to the hut " Coman " is extremely lightweight . It is located in the eponymous area and offers exceptional opportunities for recreation because it is tucked away in a quiet , peaceful and beautiful place . The total capacity is 55 beds in 2,3,4,5 and 6 beds. The building is water and electricity , heated by solid fuel . It has a bar and restaurant with excellent cuisine and a cozy fireplace.

If you prefer not to return on the same route , you can choose one of two paths that will appear in the display village Rosehip . First passes through beautiful forest and second down under hut. Both came to the courtyard of the village school . Do not hesitate to ask for further information from the chalet hosts . Approximate time that travel from the village Shipkovo to Shipkovski resort spas and peak Vassiliov hut " Coman " is about 4 hours.

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