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Ecopath Shipkovo - Vasiliov peak

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Shipkovo, chitalische Svetl...

Path from the village Shipkovo ( Troyan Municipality ) to the peak Vasilyov and back is a medium level of difficulty. Travels for about 5 hours and is suitable for walking and cycling tourism . The route starts from the resort Shipkovski spa , located about 2 km from the village center. It is one of the oldest in Bulgaria , situated 700 meters above sea level. It is preferred because of the combination of environmental cleanliness of the area, mineral springs , abundance of natural and historical sites in close proximity and tranquility . There are three sources and several wells with low temperature water (18 to 35 degrees).

The objective of the route is the highest point of the mountain Vassiliovska - Vasilyov peak ( 1490 m altitude ) . After leaving the boundaries of the resort, eco trail passes through the suburbs " Krushovo " and along the military establishment . After about 200 meters long at a junction , and the right time is the left , about ten meters which has a signboard . The trail follows it for about a kilometer and then sign a new guide us to drift right.

The climb to the peak Vassiliov it in a nice forest and not very steep. After about an hour we reached a large meadow which lies an old farm building . Once you pass , eco began another climb , this time shorter and steeper and reaches the hut " Vasilyov " northwest of which is also very high. From there you can stop and remarkable chapel " St. Peter and Paul " , located in the cliff about 15 minutes away.

From the top there is a magnificent view of the Danube valley to the north and south of the Stara Planina ridge . On the ridge meadow are built wind turbines . The adventure is not very demanding and allows us to " find " a beautiful and usually stay away from the large tourist flow area. Eco is available for beginners tourists , young children and the elderly. You can take the transition in all seasons , but if you do not have the necessary training and equipment, it is preferable to do it during the warmer months of the year.

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