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Shiroko Pole Beach

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Shiroko pole

The beach of the village of Shiroko pole is located near it, on the dam "Studen kladenets". Although it is not defined and unguarded, he is one of the favorite places for recreation in the region, as the water is calm and clear, the coast is secluded and offers excellent conditions for relaxing stay away from the noise of big cities and resorts.

The village is situated relatively high (465 meters altitude), among the picturesque hills of the Eastern Rhodopes. Beauty around are really impressive, and even in the hottest days the fresh breeze and the dam gave way desired coolness of residents and visitors of Shiroko pole. Because it is large, with a population of 750 people, and there are several shops in the village you can buy everything you need, whether you plan to stay on the beach one or a few days. On the coast you can stretch the tent, a caravan or camper and to forget about the problems of everyday life.

You can diversify your spending with trips to nearby utilities Monyak medieval castle - one of the largest in the Rhodopes. Here is Karangila cave that has several entrances and there are ceramic fragments found evidence that was inhabited in antiquity. At thirteen kilometers from Shiroko pole  is perhaps the most high-profile historic landmark in recent years - archaeological complex "Perperikon" consisting of prehistoric megalithic village, religious buildings and fortified settlement.

Vicinity of Shiroko pole gives you the opportunity for plenty of water sports, among which are very popular boating, pedal boats, surfing and windsurfing. Most fans, however, of course, attracts fishing. Here the catch is very rich, as the area has fish farms and even not very experienced fishermen often have cause of pride.

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