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Historic Landmark
Shumen Fortress

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Shumen fortress is one of the most famous sights in Bulgaria and the region of Shumen. The remains of the fortress is situated 3 kilometers from the center of the town. The fortress is situated on the plateau. The castle was probably built by the Thracians, being rebuilt and restored from the Romans, Byzantines and Bulgarians. Historians believe that her age is 3200 years, making it one of the oldest in the country.

Until the XV century the town of Shumen was located behind the walls of the fortress, which was a complex of buildings and military installations. Stronghold existed in the first years of Ottoman rule, as archaeological research suggests that its conquest by the Ottomans was not destroyed. In 1444 Crusaders of Vladislav III Jagiello destroyed the building and burned, and since then Shumen fortress was deserted and abandoned.

Today the ruins of the castle are probably one of the best studied ancient ruins in the country. It is exhibited as a museum. Studies have revealed important information about life and warfare in the Middle Ages the Bulgarians. The ruins are easily accessible to tourists, there are paths and signs. Perhaps of most interest to visitors is a restored castle tower, which offers beautiful views of the town of Shumen, Shumen Plateau Nature Park.

More about the castle you can find out by the guide who is paid - 5 levа per group. During the summer months the site is open until 19 pm without a break.

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