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Shumen, 18, ul. Tsar Osvobo...

In the hometown of the famous freedom fighter Panaiot Volov house museum is presenting part of his life in his honor. Volov was born in 1850 into a family of a shoemaker . Was educated entirely in the spirit of mutual school. Teach him Todor Ikonomov and Good Voynikov . Later he moved to the Russian city of Nikolaev, where he studied at Alexander High School. At the same time began a correspondence with Khitov .

After returning from Russia , Panaiot Volov teacher some time and take an active part in theater , gradually given to reopening of the revolutionary committees . There is a document whereby Panaiot Volov elected deputy of the Apostle in 1874, died in 1876 after persecution during the suppression of the April Uprising.

House complex , presenting the life of a revolutionary is completely built in Renaissance style - storey solid building with solid oak beams carved with decorative elements , double doors covered with ivy complements domestic ethnic situation in the yard. Inside the exhibition distinguish several ways: Houses, Ovens and Soba . You can see the traditional three-legged chairs arranged in front of a low table for dinner (steam) in the house ( living room ) . In Soba ( bedroom ) are sorted patterned household rugs , embroidered quilts, embroidered pillowcases bit . Furnaces represent the Bulgarian Revival kitchen with bread oven and badge (large fireplace low ) . In the hall of exposure of personal belongings and documents can be seen letters between Ruse and Shumen revolutionary committees , which discuss the selection of young Volov for successor of Vasil Levski . Of revered seat in the house is exposed to the symbol of the revolutionary oath , dagger , pistol and gospel.

Working hours: 08:30 to 17:00

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