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Danube Park in Silistra

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Danube Park in Silistra is located along the Danube River from downtown to the hotel Drastar . Park overlooking the river and the coast of northern neighbor Romania. More data is built in the late nineteenth century and has been repeatedly extended and converted to reach the beauty of the English and Austrian parks. Today the park is a beautiful place to relax , there you have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful view of the Danube and to the Romanian coast . The park has a wide variety of trees and shrubs , and in warmer months , tourists can see many beautiful trails of flowers. If you look , you will see signs with slogans of protected trees and bushes . Impression and bizarre forms of free- grown trees. " The Tunnel " - so named his local inhabitants of the alley where they touched the branches of the chestnut and keep people in the hot summer sun , and who wishes can dip in the outdoor swimming pool , located at the eastern end of the park. The territory of the Danube Park is located " Summer Oak" , which is already protected site under the Biodiversity Act . Every few meters there are benches placed where many people like to sit down and spend a day in nature. Danube Park is a favorite place for many children as there are several playgrounds, and there is a children's wooden city , which is a great attraction for - young visitors . Among the park has a beautiful fountain in the park and you can see the ruins of the late antique and medieval Silistra, and many other monuments . The park is open all year round. Admission is free . One of the most romantic experiences evening to watch the sunset over the river and passing boats . If you get the chance to visit the town of Silistra, feel free to stroll around the beautiful park and relax in the beautiful views of the Danube.

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