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Nature Park "Sinite Kamani"

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Natural Park "Blue Ridge" is one of the most beautiful and romantic parts of the whole Balkan East. Rich historical and cultural development is this beautiful mountain area. In the area Hisarlaka have revealed the remains of a Roman fortress (III - IV century AD) and Thracian habitation (III - V century BC) showing locations of dozens of garden fences and guard posts established during the years of Roman rule and Middle Ages Along the r.Manastirska there are remains of one of 24 monasteries built in the XIII-XIV century, known as Sliven Small Athos. Natural Park "Blue Ridge" is a famous natural landmarks - the rock ring phenomena, Kumi, dolls, gloves, etc. Kaloyanovi towers., Caves Zmeevo holes, barrels, Futuna Haidushka, Peschenik, Kushbunar springs, white water springs, etc. . with varied landscapes - forests, meadows, akvalen ... and last but not least a massive blue stones. Blue Rocks offer excellent opportunities for skiing, paragliding, competitions guidance climbing. Information offered in the visitor center of the Natural Park "Blue Ridge" tourist routes and programs provide an opportunity for national and international events, rest and relaxation in the peace and quiet of the woods and meadows near the woods and crystal shaped rock. Blue Ridge Nature Park is one of the most beautiful places in the middle of nature, you can visit the territory of Bulgaria. You only need to know that Blue Ridge Nature Park meet over half of all butterfly species in Bulgaria and 60% of all bird species. This enormous wealth of flora and fauna has been declared a natural park on November 28, 1980, with the main objective to protect and preserve the unspoilt by human activities and natural beauty specific incredibly diverse and rich ecosystem. Across the Blue Ridge Park may see numerous pools, waterfalls, interesting caves, dense forests, which are ideal for rahodka and inaccessible rocks with archaeological monuments and historic sites. From Sliven should take a trail planinaskata Haydushka "to get to Blue Ridge. It starts from the tourist center where you can get a stamp in their booklet for visiting one of the 100 national tourist sites.

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