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Park Hero

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Park " Hero " is located in the town of Sliven is the newest park in the city. It is fully landscaped within an integrated project for development of space, which is implemented with the financial support of Operative Program " Regional Development" 2007 - 2013 , the co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund . Through the improvement and modernization of the improved environmental conditions , landscape and the opportunities for recreation, sport and leisure of residents and visitors in one of the main green areas of the city - park Hero . On its territory are built new playgrounds to enjoy not only the children but also their parents. They are fully compliant with the safety requirements of children are surrounded by low wooden fences, the surface is soft. To the delight of the youngest visitors there are swings and slides for different age groups. The design is modern and colorful . The park has planted a variety of trees, shrubs and flowers. Installed and new benches and street lighting. In the construction of the park are used only natural materials. The Municipality is committed to the maintenance and security of the facilities. The city of Sliven has many attractions that are worth visiting. Nearby is a museum-house of Hadji Dimitar and Good Chintulov Historical Museum , the National Museum of the textile industry and many others. If you choose Sliven their family trip with children and want to enjoy a nice walk and emotions do not pass park " Hero." Besides your children , you will also enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and recharge with positive energy.

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