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Route Sliven - Daula

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Sliven, 1, bul. Tsar Osvobo...

The starting point of this two-day itinerary is a tourist information center, housed in a building of the Municipality of Sliven. Here lies in the northern direction, with smooth climb well marked route to reach Selishteto (about half an hour with normal speed) . It is located at the foot of the peaks Gagovets , Barmuk and Motrun , the influx of rivers Asenovska and Monastery . It is a vast plateau covered with orchards, forests of white pine and oak summer overgrown herb meadows.

On the slopes of the peaks have built many houses and recreation areas, since the area is one of the most popular of Sliven recreation and proximity to nature . In the village is also one of the most visited tourist sites in the vicinity of the city of a hundred chieftains - ruins of marine artists Gradishte , Todorov spring, monastery "St. Spas " declared an archaeological monument.

In the northeastern edge can be considered remnants of marine artists fortress ruins. Here are Todorov spring , a favorite place for recreation of the inhabitants of Sliven and archaeological monument monastery " St. Spas" , one of the 24 monasteries on Mount Athos Sliven small .

Namely marine artists gradishte next destination of the route . It is a Byzantine stronghold of VI - VII century , whose remains now only differ . Located on Mount Gagovets located on the watershed between the rivers and Novoselska Selishka over Todorov spring . In the past, the fort has provided a wonderful view of the whole field of Sliven and surroundings. Now, anyone got a marine painter gradishte has the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking panoramas.

The route continues to the White water fountain , located in the upper reaches of the river Monastery . Here the route climbs to the area Karakyutyuk , passing through dense forest . Karakyutyuk is a mountain pasture , located about 1,000 meters above sea level at the foot of Mount Balgarka (1181 m).

Here the route continues north to the area Daut . Here centuries ago passed the road from Adrianople to Nicopolis Istrum and later that of Sliven Tsarevgrad Tarnovo. It is a large meadow surrounded by beautiful old deciduous forests and remember the exploits of Guncho leader Todor Harbov stands leader and Khitov . Today Daut built many holiday homes and ski lift.

Returning to the starting point becomes Kostova fountain in the monastery " St. Spas" located in the village area . The route is not long or difficult , suitable for all tourists with relatively good physical condition .

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